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KT Training prides itself on delivering its objective which is to provide practioners with the tools to create satisfied long term customers; we do this by providing a wide range of value added courses, exemplifying premier business strategies, and by listening to the demands of the market.

Patients who received cosmetic treatments on our courses

The testimonials from our model program are a testament that our trainers can guide new trainees to deliver superior treatment outcomes first time. This experience is what makes us confident we can transform technical people into artists who will command premium pricing while others are selling on price. All patients have been treated on our courses.

Testimonials and Referrals from Doctors, Dentists and Nurses who attended our cosmetic courses

The testimonials from our past medical trainees demonstrate our vision of delivering excellence. We track our candidate’s success by evaluating their annual insurance renewal year after year. As part of our rebranding initiative, we will be showcasing past candidate’s success to reinforce to new candidates that they can achieve success as well.

KT Training is the only dedicated and professional training company committed to your success. We do not run our own clinics and we have a large team of business experts to support you in your drive to achieve your goals.