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Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Procedures

We a selective group of training courses for advancement and success in medical aesthetics.

The medical industry, private or NHS, is a monopoly business and patients will pay a high price to see a doctor depending on the level of their discomfort. Also, patient can choose to improve their NHS service by purchasing private insurance which covers them for the high cost of private medicine.

The Medical Aesthetics industry is a commercial and highly competitive industry and patient cannot purchase insurance to cover the cost of their aesthetic needs. Rightfully so, patients of medical aesthetics behave like consumers and will search for providers of cost effective medical aesthetic treatments since it is elective and is an expensive service.


A client will repeat and gladly pay for a treatment if the benefits of the treatment far outweighs the cost of the treatment.

Our Course Selection

AT KT Training we only provide training courses that are well accepted by the public and provides high patient satisfaction guaranteeing repeat business. We do not train on lasers, microdermabrasion, or any laser related wrinkle reduction treatment. In short we promote variable cost treatments since statistically these are the most requested and valued treatments. Laser treatments are in demand but very rarely will the owner see a return on investments over the course of the lease. The high cost of the lasers always force the clinician to price the procedure above what the patient is willing to pay increasing the risk of business failure.

The Products We Use

At KT Training we research manufacturer’s products extensively before we recommend the products to our trainers and trainees. The predictability and safety of a product is crucial to the success of a candidate. We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously and we only work with the most credible and ethical manufacturers. All trainees can be guaranteed that they are trained with elite products which will contribute to his/her success. Very few training companies can say the same.