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The Medical Aesthetics industry is a commercial and highly competitive industry and patient cannot purchase insurance to cover the cost of their aesthetic needs. Rightfully so, patients of medical aesthetics behave like consumers and will search for providers of cost effective medical aesthetic treatments since it is elective and is an expensive service. Therefore:

“A client will repeat and gladly pay for a treatment if the benefits of the treatment far outweighs the cost of the treatment.”

“Delivering what the customer wants in a commercial world is the only way to sustain a business for the long term.”


  • the deliverer of the service (practitioner) must be multidisciplinary
  • practitioner must be skilled at mapping treatment plans that deliver stellar treatment outcomes at an affordable price creating value for the customer

Our Prodigy Program and our Master Program creates multidisciplinary artists who know how to create complex treatment plans that deliver optimum treatment results.

Click the link to view the integrated mapping form (PDF 246KB)