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8 Point Facelift

Eight Point Facelift Course

To create the ideal non-surgical facelift clinicians require in-depth knowledge of facial assessment and facial anatomy.

Creating the non surgical/liquid facelift course includes:

The Master Class

The anatomy and facial assessment part of the course will teach advanced anatomy of the peri-orbital, mid and lower face.

The Non surgical 8 point facelift course will teach the following areas:

  • Temple volumising
  • Cheek bone enhancements
  • Malar fat pad augmentation
  • Lower face and chin augmentation

Plus the nefertiti lift with botulinum toxins

The Non Surgical Master Class

Understanding ageing and how this affects the facial anatomy will provide clinicians with the knowledge to become integrated medical aesthetics practitioners. These skills will assist with provide superior diagnostics and enable you provide effective treatment plans for your cosmetic clients.

What products do we use for this course?

The lecture will review the range of established facial volumising products available.

For the practical injection session we will use the Juvéderm® VOLUMA, Juvederm Ultra, TEOSYAL and BOTOX/BOCOUTURE botulinum toxin.

Testimonial for the Non Surgical Facelift Course: Dermatologist from Kuwait

" This is the best course i have attended a real master class, I feel very confident with the products and procdeures taught on the course. The anatomy and ageing modules have provided me with greater understanding of all the procedures i currently provide and of what can be acheive in medical aesthetics Thank you"

This doctor previously attended advanced cosmetic courses in the UK, US and the Emirates.

The Liquid Facelift course is facilitated by a cosmetic surgeon who is an integrated specialist in aesthetic medicine.

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